Where to find the foods of love…

Where to find the foods of love…

If the way to your hearts is through your stomachs and you want to feed your passion with some classic aphrodisiacs, here’s where to go to find six of the best


Oysters are the classic aphrodisiac - apparently Casanova (Venice's most charismatic lover) used to start a meal by eating 12 dozen...

Feed your passions in… Planton Island, the Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Get your tastebuds tingling: Watch the sunset on a deserted beach and feast on oysters prised straight from the rocks. Only a handful of people can camp on Planton at once, so you're guaranteed an intimate experience with nature.

Plan an aphrodisiac adventure: Either take a guided trip or hire out kayaks Salty Sea Dog Kayaking can help you with route planning so you can explore together.


Champagne tops everyone's list of liquid aphrodisiacs. Although you can buy it in any bar and drink it with any meal, there's nowhere as special as its homeland in France.

Feed your passions in… Champagne, France

Get your tastebuds tingling: There are many ways to toast to newly-wedded life in Champagne. You could raise a flute of premium champagne from the treetops of the Verzy forest, learn the Napoleonic art of Sabrage (the art of opening the Champagne bottle with a sword) or take a Dom Perignon tour at the prestigious Moët and Chandon champagne house.

Plan an aphrodisiac adventure: Champagne Escapes can help you plan tailor-made getaways between April and October.


Lovers from Casanova (he of oyster fame…) to the Milk Tray Man have attested to the aphrodisiac qualities of cacao and there's nothing like reaching your cocoa bliss point.

Feed your passions in… Guatemala

Get your tastebuds tingling: In the colonial cobblestoned town of Antigua, where the ChocoMuseo will let you in on the secrets of the passionate pods and teach you how to make chocolate of your own.

Plan an aphrodisiac adventure: In 2012 the Mayan long count calendar cycle comes to an end at the winter equinox in December. Not only will there be events to celebrate the countries Mayan heritage but 2013 marks an epic new beginning - the perfect symbol for embarking on married life! 


A perfect little red heart, strawberries even look like a food of love! Feed each other in a quaint pick-your-own patch in Norfolk, or head out to hunt down the wild mountain variety…

Feed your passions in… Oregon, USA

Get your tastebuds tingling: In the Strawberry Mountains (part of the larger Blue Mountains range) in Malheur National Forest in eastern Oregon. The range was named for the profusion of wild strawberries that grow in the valleys. Lace up your hiking boots and head out to find where they grow - the Strawberry Mountain Wilderness has around 125 miles of trails to explore.

Plan an aphrodisiac adventure: Out in the fresh air - OregonOutside have got some great tips and advice.

Red wine

Sipping a glass of red wine has long been the way to ignite the passions

Feed your passions in… Argentina

Get your tastebuds tingling: In the high altitude vineyards of Argentina the grapes absorb the mysterious qualities that make for intense flavours, deep colours and extra romantic potency. 

Plan an aphrodisiac adventure: In the colonial style Cavas Wine Lodge in Mendoza (western Argentina, near Santiago across the Chilean border). The lodge has its own vino-therapy spa to enjoy all aspects of the grape, as well as vineyard tours and a very well stocked cellar.


Pomegranates, the fruity symbol of fertility, owe their passion power to antioxidants, which protect the lining of blood vessels, allowing more blood to course through them and thus increasing your sensitivity.

Feed your passions in… Morocco

Get your tastebuds tingling: Chefchouan, in the north, has cornflower-blue houses sprawling on a fertile hillside and an intriguing market on Mondays and Thursdays. Pick up some fragrant mountain honey, soft ewe's cheese, fresh dial makla bread and a few pomegranates and head out for a heavenly picnic.

Plan an aphrodisiac adventure: Using our Honeymoon Finder - Audley and Cox&Kings both have trips on offer.

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