Beauty of the beasts – where to see the romance of nature

Beauty of the beasts – where to see the romance of nature

If the natural world flutters your feathers, consider these wonderful wildlife destinations where you’ll find the birds (and bees!) and much more

Northern Australia and Papua New Guinea

Married life may have started for you, but if you want to see some really wild courtships, this is the area to head for. The tropical north of Australia, in the Northern Territory and Queensland in particular, have a huge diversity of wildlife over vast areas of country. Papua New Guinea is one of the world's last and most remote wild destinations, with remarkable birdwatching, diving and chances for real exploration.



The Galapagos Islands archipelago was discovered in 1535, and named Las Encantadas (The Enchanted Isles) by passing Spanish seafarers. Thanks to the unique climatic conditions, the lack of dangerous predators, few human inhabitants and protected status, this Pacific paradise is an utterly unique wildlife destination.


Wolves and eagles and bears, oh my! The great outdoors doesn't get any greater than Alaska. The Alaskan wilderness has bewitched travellers, writers and explorers for centuries and it's easy to see why.


Described as "paradise on earth" by Christopher Columbus, Venezuela is a land of astonishing variety. Where else could you delve into the rainforest, rediscover a lost world among the flat-topped tepui (inspiration for The Lost World and Up), explore wildflower studded pastures and dive in the Caribbean?


Despite the dark days of the 20th century, Uganda is a mesmerising country, and a honeymoon here will make your heart beat faster for all the right reasons. Uganda doesn't do things by halves; you'll find the source of the Nile, the highest mountain range in Africa, and the world's most powerful waterfall. And, of course, the wildlife is incredible too. 


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