8 naturally romantic serenades

8 naturally romantic serenades

Looking for the perfect soundtrack to your honeymoon? If music be the food of love, play on... to the tune of one of these natural serenades

1. Listen to the song of the dunes


Everyone knows that familiar sound when you put a shell to your ear and listen to the far-off rush of the sea. The song of the sand dunes is something of a similar pitch. Their symphony is distant, but audible as a swelling, low hum.

The aural phenomenon is found in 30 deserts across the world and is caused by the vibration of tumbling sand particles. Namibia's 'Booming Dunes' are even named after the marvel. The song, likened to a lone cello, is something of a wonder and a sensory experience not to be missed.

2. Witness the call to prayer


With nearly 3,000 mosques in Istanbul all calling Muslims to prayer simultaneously, there is no place better to listen to the wailing notes and sombre tones of the Islamic adhān. Watch wise old men awaiting the call outside the iconic Blue Mosque in the city centre and tune in to the echoed responses from the surrounding mosques. The rebounding voices are mesmerising and bound to give you the shivers.

3. Hear your hearts beat in absolute silence

New Zealand

New Zealand's Doubtful Sound is an area of calm water, surrounded by rugged peaks and abundant in wildlife. Perfect for a romantic escape, the unmissable sound here is utter silence. Take a soothing boat ride out into the clear waters, dive overboard for a wild swim and let the soundless wild setting sink to your core. For an extended stay, take an overnight cruise, gaze up at the stars and spot bottlenose dolphins, fur seals and the rare Fiordland crested penguin.

4. Be the audience to a humpback's ballad

Baja California, Mexico

The enigmatic song of the humpback whale travels thousands of miles through entire oceans. They mournfully hum different tunes, whether looking for a mate, exploring new-found waters or calling to companions.

To hear the humpback's tones, be sure to hop aboard a boat equipped with a hydrophone and nothing less than a snorkel; no trip is complete without swimming alongside one of Mother Nature's finest creatures. It is an adrenaline-fuelled, yet haunting experience.

5. Hear the rumble of a volcano

Costa Rica

Witness the awesome power of Mother Nature. Gaze up at Poás, Costa Rica and, if you get the timing right, you'll hear the Earth rumble. Surrounded by buzzing insects and the odd eerie hiss of releasing gases, the atmosphere is broken only by an almighty volcanic belch, causing the air to reverberate with shock. The volcano, along with many others in Costa Rica including Volcan Arenal, is relatively active so the mountain often stirs and grumbles, much to the delight of onlooking travellers.

6. Listen to intricate birdsong


The lyre bird has one of the most complex birdsongs in the world. The male carefully imitates surrounding bird calls, or any other sound for that matter, to attract a mate. The melody is so exact that even the local nesters are convinced another of their kind is in the vicinity. So be prepared to hear a combination of cuckoo burrows, chainsaws and even camera-shutter clicks.

7. Be serenaded by the sea


Swim in the azure waters of the Adriatic off the Croatian coast as you're serenaded by the Sea Organ, played by the wind and the sea. The Sea Organ, is a set of 35 pipes hidden under the marble steps of the sea front of Zadar's old town and was designed by architect Nikola Bašić in 2005. Watch the sunset over the quayside as you're serenaded by the harmonious, random, sighs and whistles. Alfred Hitchcock reputedly thought it was the most beautiful sunset in the world.

8. Hear a soundtrack of splintering ice


On a hot summer's day, the sound of splintering ice cubes is a satisfying one. Now multiply that by 1,000 and imagine how enrapturing the sound of a glacier shattering would be. Glaciers are mass expanses of ice, sometimes cracking and ricocheting into watery smithereens. Nothing compares to the
electrifying sound of splintering ice, crashing into water below.

Perito Moreno Glacier periodically stretches into Lake Argentina before rupturing spectacularly and receding back to the mountainside. The thunder of fracturing ice, the cascading splashes and the subsequent waves washing high on the shore is an aural delight.

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