7 sensual strolls

7 sensual strolls

Wander hand in hand with our pick of seven sensual strolls worldwide

1. Make tracks along the tunnel of love - Klevan, Ukraine

Best foot forward: The Ukraine's leafy 'tunnel of love' could be just the ticket if you're looking for a romantic place for a stroll. The tunnel, created out of an avenue of closely growing trees, is a private railway line for a fibreboard factory near the city of Klevan - trains run approximately three times per day. But, if you time your stroll right, this green get-away is perfect for getting away from the world.

Plan your route: Check out Wanderlust's Ukraine travel guide and UkraineTrek.com's blog post.

2. Wander around West Lake - Hangzhou, China

Best foot forward: "Ripping water shimmering on sunny day / Misty mountains shrouded the rain / Plain or gaily decked out like Xi Zi / West Lake is always alluring." When Su Dongpo, a poet from the Song Dynasty, compared West Lake to the most beautiful woman in contemporary China (XiZi), he was about right. Hangzhou's most famous beauty spot is about an hour from Shanghai on a high-speed train, and you won't find many more beautiful places to stroll. It's popular with honeymooning Chinese couples posing for commemorative photographs (in their wedding dresses) but you'll find plenty of quiet paths just for the two of you.

Plan your route:  China travel guide has more information on Hangzhou and the West Lake.

3. Ramble through the woods to Lone Star geyser - Yellowstone NP, USA

Best foot forward: If you follow the road to West Thumb and hike through lush old forest from Kepler Cascades, you'll be rewarded with the wild heart of Yellowstone, away from the crowds. More remote than Old Faithful, the 8km return trail to Lone Star Geyser takes you through beautiful country, alongside the upper reaches of the Firehole river. Every few hours it erupts in a 14m high jet of boiling water, and chances are, it'll be just the two of you.

Plan your route: Yellowstone National Park has a several day hikes - visit the offical website here.

4. Stroll through a shrine - Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine, Kyoto

Best foot forward: The vibrant orange spiritual torii gates are erected so close together at the Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine that they create tunnels around the shrine's footpaths. Torii gates, which symbolically mark the transition from the profane to the sacred, are found around Shinto shrines all over Japan. Fushimi Inari Taisha is a wonderful place to explore - venture away from the main shrine for bamboo shaded paths and a calming lake.

Plan your route: Check out Wanderlust's Japan travel guide, or read more about the shrine here.

5. Get your feet wet in 100 waterfalls - Laos

Best foot forward: Although locals have been exploring the jungle around Nong Khiaw in northern Laos forever, it wasn't until 2008 that the 100 waterfall trek was 'discovered' by an eco-tourism company called Tiger Trails. Get your feet wet (sandals or flipflops should be fine for this) as you climb between pools and cascades; your efforts will be rewarded with a 20m waterfall at the 'top' and some stunning views back down to the Nam Ou river.

Plan your route: Find out more about the 100 waterfall trek and Tiger Trail's eco adventures in Laos

6. Bumble around Buttermere - UK

Best foot forward: Buttermere, a small lake situated between the hamlet of Buttermere and Honister Pass, in the Lake District National Park is probably one of the prettiest places in the Lake District - if not the UK. The walk around the lakeshore is about 5km of mostly flat and gentle walking with gorgeous views of more challenging walks up Haystacks and Red Pike.

Plan your route: The National Trust are responsible for Buttermere.

7. Stroll through Skocjan Caves - Slovenia

Best foot forward: Along forest tracks outside the town of Lokev in Slovenia (close to the Italian and Croatian borders) are the Skocjan caves. The world's largest known underground canyon (at 100m deep and 3.5km long) was carved by the rumbling waters of the Reka river, but what you'll really remember is crossing the Cerkvenik Bridge. This spans the canyon, 45m above the river and makes a dramatic end to a gorge-ous guided walk.

Plan your route: Visit the offical website of Skocjan Caves.

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