7 nature-filled honeymoon experiences

7 nature-filled honeymoon experiences

Whether you want to go wild with wolves or tick off the Big Five, Alexandra Gregg rounds up some of the best romantic nature experiences, and where to do them

Honeymoons with… whales

There's something enchanting about watching whales in the wild. See a stream of water erupt from the waves, or glimpse a dorsal fin as it emerges from the deep - it's the stuff of travel bucket lists. It's utterly thrilling too, being within arm's length of these gentle giants. And who better to experience this once-in-a-lifetime encounter with than your new husband or wife?

Where can I do it? There are so many different types of whales that you can pretty much find them the world over. Here are just a few suggestions: Manitoba, Canada (beluga); The Azores (blue); Baja California (grey); Australia (humpback); Iceland or the Antarctic Peninsula (minke); Spain (pilot); Norway (orca); or New Zealand (sperm). Check out Wanderlust's wildlife encounters feature for more.

Honeymoons with… wolves

The howl of the wolf may sound lonesome, but hearing its haunting cry in the wild is definitely a story to tell the grandkids about. Usually shy and elusive - except when they're hunting in packs - it can be hard to spot a wolf in its natural habitat, which is why, when the moment comes, it's all the more rewarding. You'll definitely want your loved one by your side for this one.

Where can I do it? Transylvania has the largest population of wolves in Europe. Try Yellowstone National Park and northern Canada too, or Portugal for Iberian wolves.

Honeymoons with… turtles

Loggerhead, hawksbill, leatherback: just a handful of the varied sea turtles that inhabit our waters. These majestic creatures effortlessly glide through the ocean, every so often lifting their heads above the surface for a gasp of air - a sight that will take your breath away. Witnessing baby sea turtles hatch and make the long journey to the moonlit sea is one of the loveliest experiences too…

Where can I do it? Laganas Beach in Zante (Zakynthos), Greece, is a famous nesting site for loggerheads. Myriad turtles frequent the seas around Cuba, Thailand, Oman, Riviera Maya in Mexico, and The Maldives too.

Honeymoons with… birds

To be clear: when we say 'birds', we're talking about the feathered, flying variety! And whether you and your belle or beau are avid twitchers or just casual birders, there's something beautiful, inspiring and fascinating about observing these airborne creatures in the wild. Taking a dedicated bird-watching trip is great if you both love photography too and are keen to bring back those heart-stopping honeymoon snaps.

Where can I do it? Pretty much anywhere - from the Norfolk Broads to Borneo. It all depends what you're looking for. On your honeymoon you might fancy some more exotic birds, in which case try The Gambia, Malaysia, Panama, The Falklands, Ecuador or Papua New Guinea.

Honeymoons with… the Big Five

Lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo. You may have seen 'the Big Five' on TV, or in magazines, but there's nothing quite like experiencing them in person. Whether you're in the comfort of a jeep or traversing the plains on foot, seeing just one of these safari giants makes for a truly wild show indeed. For more on trips to the bush, pick up a copy of the July/August edition of Wanderlust - which includes our 11-page 'Safari Special'.

Where can I do it? Kruger National Park, South Africa; Chobe National Park, Botswana; Masai Mara, Kenya; Serengeti, Tanzania.

Honeymoons with… the Great Migration

The deafening sound of thousands of hooves, smashing across the plains and fighting current and captors as they cross deep rivers… Deemed the greatest show on earth, seeing the Great Migration in person is an exhilarating experience. Head to the vast savannah and you can make picture-perfect memories with your partner as you watch lions stalking migrating wildebeest herds.

Where can I do it? Serengeti, Masai Mara (Jul-Sep). Pick up a copy of the July/August issue of Wanderlust to read our 'Instant Expert' Great Migration feature and find out more about nature's most impressive spectacle.

Honeymoons with… gorillas

If David Attenborough's done it, why can't you? Trekking through dense jungle, past mist-shrouded forests and into lofty mountains before settling down with a group of human-esque silverbacks is one of life's most amazing experiences... Why not start your life together by coming face-to-face with these placid primates, in their natural habitat?

Where can I do it? Cameroon, Congo, Gabon, Central African Republic, Rwanda, Uganda, and DR of Congo. See Ian Redmond's gorillas guide on the Wanderlust website for more info.

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