5 steps to your perfect honeymoon

5 steps to your perfect honeymoon

Got engaged over Christmas and New Year? Read our five-step guide to what to do next when it comes to finding your honeymoon…

1. Find out what type of honeymoon couple you are

No matter how in love you and your new fiancée are, there will always be things you disagree on. And no matter how big or small those disagreements are, the last thing you want is for them to have a negative impact on your honeymoon.

Lay your cards down early: if you want an active adventure, say so, or likewise, if you'd like to spend some time on the beach, it's best to voice your opinion now - BEFORE you book. Otherwise that dream honeymoon might become a nightmare.

You may find that a twin centre honeymoon suits you, giving the best of both worlds: a mix of relaxation and exploration. You could also find that you want exactly the same thing; perhaps both of you were considering taking an extended break from work (or a sabbatical) to embark on a life-changing Wandermoon?

Take the test with your loved one here, and see what suits you.

2. Pick your month

Southern hemisphere or northern hemisphere? Basking in the sun or snuggling up in the cold? The month you travel will have a huge impact on what type of honeymoon you have. It can also help narrow down your search, a big help if you really have no idea where to begin.

Check out our Honeymoon Calendar for destination dos and don'ts between January and December.

3. Choose your destination

Once you know what type of honeymoon you want and when you want to go, the decision-making gets a lot easier. In theory, anyway. In 2015 the ideas are endless: for starters, read about some of the best emerging destinations and be inspired by our 10 hot honeymoons for the year feature.

Feeling the pinch after splashing all your cash on the big day? We've got a solution for that too: check out these 8 budget-friendly honeymoons. We've got the big romance hitters in abundance too; articles what to do in Rome, New York, Paris and London - to name a few. And if it's just a short teaser break you're after, a mini-moon might be more your style.

4. Organise some activities…

It's all well and good picking a destination, but what do you do when you get there? The idea of embracing serendipity and going with the flow when you arrive sounds hopelessly romantic and does work for some - but it's certainly not for everyone. If you prefer a bit of structure, why not plan a couple of bits in advance? Talk to your spouse-to-be and see what sort of things he/she would like to do, compared to what you would like to do, and try and reach a compromise. There should be a mix of both your interests in there - this is a partnership after all!

Next, examine the area and see what activities are available. Wildlife lovers should read up on our seven nature-filled honeymoon experiences, thrillseekers can get their blood pumping with these activities and romantics can sweep their loved ones off their feet with these worldwide experiences.

Above all: research is the key.

5. Prepare all the paperwork

Some paperwork - like insurance - has to wait til you've booked your trip, but before you do it's worth checking a few other things.

Most importantly, is your passport still in date? If not you'll have to apply for a new one - we recommend using the Post Office Check and Send service to make sure you do everything correctly. The last thing you want is for it to get refused because you've missed a field or put a wrong date! It's not just that your passport has to be in date either, some countries - especially those outside of the EU - require you to have several months extra on your passport until it expires. Ladies: you may also want to travel under your maiden name OR order your passport with your new name on a couple of months in advance of the wedding/honeymoon.

If you're planning to get behind the wheel on your honeymoon, another thing you'll need is a valid driving license, a credit card and in some cases an international permit.

Done all of the above AND ticked off the seven 'Ps'? Then you're good to book. Happy honeymooning!


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