Honeymoon Secrets: The Maldives

Honeymoon Secrets: The Maldives

Make the most of the Maldives’ secluded islands and beautiful marine wildlife with expert Honeymoon Secrets from Holidaysplease.co.uk founder Charles Duncombe

Honeymoon Secret #1

Shipwrecks, coral and caves in South Malé Atoll

Shh... With the majority heading to the more popular and well known dive sites of Ari Atoll, we suggest that some of the most rewarding and romantic dives can be found in the South Malé Atoll. The reason we say this is because the region is a little more remote, intimate and follows a more traditional Maldivian way of life.

Tell me more... The thing that makes these dive sites unique are their wrecks and caves which can be explored in addition to the colourful coral gardens that you come to expect in the Maldives.

Honeymoon Secret #2

Robinson Crusoe on Bodu Hajara island

Shh... Withover 1,190 islands to choose from in the Maldives how about finding your own deserted island which has no-one else on it …. at all!  Just you and your Man/Woman Friday can enjoy places like Bodu Hajara or Kanduru completely on your own. The perfect romantic haven to escape the worries of the world.

Tell me more... When you are on your own Robinson Crusoe-style desert island, holiday companies can often put together your own activities such as a private picnic, romantic dinner or personal snorkelling trip.

Honeymoon Secret #3

Submarine diving around the capital of Male

Shh... Malé has a spectacular skyline of candy-coloured skyscrapers and manages to be both an island and a city. However it's below the waves where you can find a truly unique experience. Enjoy the sealife as captain Nemo of the Maldives 'Whale' submarine! Similar to the shape of a whale, this submarine has a dive depth of 150m, which means you can explore the most hard to reach places.

Tell me more... If you're not a diver, you don't have to miss the exciting views and creatures that inhabit the seas of Maldives. The cabin of the submarine is fully air-conditioned, has normal atmospheric pressure which means you breathe normal air as you explore the underwater world.

Honeymoon Secret #4

Sleep under the sea!

Shh... Heading to the Maldives often means sleeping in exquisite villas and dining above the bluest of waters. How about the opportunity to eat and sleep under the water? 'Ithaa' on the remote Rangali sits 5m below the surface of the Indian Ocean, encased in plexi-glass and reached by descending a spiral staircase.

Tell me more... During the day it is 12 seat restaurant with water on all sides and 'fusion Maldivian cuisine' on the plate. By night the 12-seat restaurant turns into a private bedroom suite for two. It's complete with private champagne, dinner and breakfast in bed in the morning. And the underwater sunrise will take your breath away.

Honeymoon secret #5

One of the most unusual airports in the world

Shh... Many honeymoon packages to the Maldives include a standard speed boat transfer to your hotel. However if you want to arrive in style then take a seaplane flight right up to your water villa at the hotel. From take-off they remain low flying, giving passengers spectacular panoramic bird's eye views of the lagoons and islands scattered across the ocean. It truly is a view you won't be able to take your eyes off!

Tell me more... After arriving at Male airport you'll turn left and get a view of the most unusual airport in the world, the seaplane terminal! Here the lagoon has seaplanes scattered all around. Take advantage of the VIP waiting lounge, so you can enjoy refreshment and relaxation before the flight. Start married life in the perfect way.

Honeymoon Secret #6

Whale shark diving in Lux Atoll

Shh...  Only very few dive sites can offer the chance to swim with sharks, and these can grow to a whopping 40 feet! Don't worry though these gentle giants are just whale sharks (the largest of all fish species alive today) and feed on microscopic plankton, not honeymoon couples! They are sometimes quite playful and a favourite amongst divers.

Tell me more... The Lux* resort on Dhidhoofinolhu island is good place to spot whale sharks. The resort itself offers a real haven of tranquillity with lush tropical vegetation running alongside 4km of white sandy beaches, surrounded by a tropical lagoon. If you can't or don't want to dive to see them, there are also boat trips available.

Honeymoon Secret #7

Feed baby sharks in Chaaya Lagoon

Shh... Chances to feed stingrays are common in the Maldives, but there's an alternative on offer in Chaaya Lagoon - you can actually feed baby sharks. It's usually black tip reef sharks who come to dine; they're extremely friendly in nature, and probably the only sharks on the planet you could call cute!

Tell me more... In Chaaya Lagoon you're surrounded by an azure ocean, with the all wonders of the underwater world. At sunset the sun goes down the entertainment begins with disco music, the famed Maldivian Cultural show and, of course, the shark feeding!

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Charles Duncombe is founder of award-winning travel agency Holidays Please (www.holidaysplease.co.uk) which specialises in honeymoons to the Maldives and other romantic destinations.

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